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Local View – Un-Fair Campaign creates healthier organizations, communities

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Local View – Un-Fair tries to break the silence

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NPR – Talk of the Nation
“In January, a group of residents in Duluth, Minn., launched an anti-racism effort called the Un-Fair Campaign. They created ads, posters and billboards aimed to raise awareness about racial injustice and asking white people to recognize institutional racism…”

Minneapolis Star Tribune
“The billboards are part of the Un-Fair Campaign, which also includes dozens of posters that have appeared in office windows, including one poster depicting a young woman with this message written in black marker across her forehead: “Is white skin really fair skin?””

Duluth News Tribune | Our view: Racism campaign has opportunity to educate
Duluth news Tribune | It can be hard to see racism if you’re white

Daily Kos
“Dubbed the Un-Fair Campaign, a coalition of local groups and two area colleges and universities are engaged in sparking a dialogue to address and fight against racism and privilege as a responsibility of not just those who are oppressed by it, but also those who may not even realize that they contribute to it. Only when members of the white majority engage in self-examination and action about our history and current day racial divides will we vanquish a prime corroding element in our democracy.”
“The focus of the campaign is very clearly on white people and this makes sense given the demographics of the region where the campaign is posting billboards.  The Twin Ports (Duluth, MN and Superior, WI) is a predominantly white community (89%).”

“Leaders from around the Twin Ports are taking a stand against racism. They’ve collaborated in a unique way, to launch public awareness about white privilege.”

MPR News
“The “Unfair Campaign” is intended to draw attention to advantages white people enjoy because of their skin color. Fifteen Duluth organizations kicked off the campaign with an event at City Hall.

Unfair Campaign Year In Review

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