Achieving racial justice through fostering education, reconciliation, and healing within our community” is the mission of CJMM, Inc.
Our memorial, honoring the memory of three young African American men brutally murdered, offers tangible testimony to a time absent of racial justice and racial equity in our city. It also reminds us that we cannot remain silent, that there remains much work to be done.

The Un-Fair Campaign will provide CJMM and our entire community the invaluable opportunity to partner with one another in critical, honest and challenging ways. It invites us all to engage in risk-taking, to voice what needs to be voiced, to hear and witness other realities by involving one another in an ongoing dialogue about our continued need and right for racial justice and racial equity.

CJMM also believes it is necessary to address white privilege and entitlement, especially those of us who are white and entitled.

CJMM is committed and ready to be an integral part of the discourse and conversation, to be part of the hopeful transformation that evolves as the Un-Fair Campaign takes root in our community.

Lutheran Social Service

The LSS Anti-Racism Stand – Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota recognizes that race does matter and that living in a racialized society has implications on multiple levels:  individual, cultural, institutional and societal.  Racism is Systemic and traditional patterns and practices discriminate against many racial and ethnic groups in a way that is so pervasive that it is often invisible.  Racism, like other “-isms,” causes pain and humiliation and has far reaching consequences.  It prevents equality in social services, education, jobs, housing, health care and immigration opportunities.

The LSS Anti-Racism Policy – Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota:

  • Actively fosters an environment that is free of racism, discrimination, bias, and harassment where all individuals are treated with dignity, safety, and hope.
  • Does not tolerate prejudice, racism, discrimination or harassment of any kind either on an organizational or personal level.  LSS will identify, confront, and eliminate barriers that may prevent all people of LSS from participating fully in the organization and in the larger community.
  • Is committed to awareness of and appreciation for racial diversity and supports the understanding that people from diverse racial communities contribute to the growth, enrichment, and strength of LSS and of the larger community.
  • Promotes full inclusiveness for all races, languages, faiths and cultures.  LSS takes responsibility to ensure that the communities we serve and the members of our organization see themselves valued and reflected within the organization.
St Louis County Public Health and Human Services

Powered by the demographics of who we serve at SLCPPHS, it is imperative that our employees are empathetic, culturally sensitive, and are aware of their white privilege and its impact in the delivery of health and human services.  It’s the right thing to do!


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The core mission of the YWCA is empowering women and eliminating racism.  We are tired of not seeing racial justice in our community, and it’s time that white people stand up to claim their power and responsibility to change it.

Unfair Campaign Year In Review

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