Facing Race Initiative Comes to Duluth


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Contact: Ellen O’Neill, 218/722-7425, ext. 106 about Duluth events
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Facing Race Initiative Comes to Duluth

Feb. 10, 2012, Duluth, MN – Facing Race is a multi-year campaign aimed at positively changing the nature of personal, organizational and institutional relationships and is focused on Minnesota. Facing Race is an initiative of the St. Paul Foundation and staff will be in Duluth on February 15th and 16th to facilitate three dialogues:

February 15, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm – “Race and Racism”
City Center West, 5830 Grand Ave, Duluth. To register, call 218-730-5630
New Conversations About Race and Racism® (2.5-3.5 hours) This New Conversation dialogue uses dramatic scenarios on a DVD to lead groups through an introductory discussion of the topic of race and racism. It encourages individuals to reflect on their own personal histories around race and racism and to practice what they might say if someone made a racist comment in front of them. The New Conversations tool is divided into three modules, plus an actor’s take. This dialogue is designed for groups of 16-50.

February 16, 10 am to noon – “White Privilege”
Peace Church UCC, 1111 N. 11th Ave E, Duluth. To register, call 218-724-3637
New Conversations® About White Privilege (2 hours)The New Conversations® About White Privilege tool is designed for individuals and groups who have begun to explore racism and want to learn more about the various facets of the issue. This dialogue draws on the work of author Dr. Peggy McIntosh, who defines privilege as unearned advantage. “I feel that seeing privilege is the missing link between understanding discrimination of any kind and how to end it. I now believe that white privilege, rather than discrimination, is the central actor in racism,” McIntosh writes.

This two-hour dialogue introduces the concept of systemic thinking, uses both small and large group activities to process the information in a meaningful way and encourages participants to think about how they can spend bank accounts privilege to undo racism. This dialogue is designed for groups of 10-30.

February 16, 2 to 4:30 pm – “Uncovering Myths that Support Racism”
Duluth Public Library, Green Room, 520 West Superior St. Duluth.
To register, call 218-730-5630. Space is limited.
New Conversations®: Uncovering Myths That Support Racism (2.5 hours) The New Conversations® Uncovering Myths That Support Racism dialogue explores five of the broader cultural myths prevalent in our society that contribute to difficulty in gaining traction around dismantling racism. Based on the work of Dr Peggy McIntosh, this interactive workshop explores some of the myths that help to preserve white privilege (for example, meritocracy). The dialogue starts with the premise that racism is systemic/institutional. Whole group and partner exercises are utilized, and participants are asked to consider specific actions they can take to end racism. This dialogue is designed for groups of 10-30.

These dialogues are part of the Un-Fair Campaign events.

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