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This campaign is about white privilege and so these suggestions are focused on what white people can do. Use the resources listed below to learn more.

Learn more about racism and white privilege and how it operates:



What can individuals do to further their understanding of white privilege and structural racism?

“Doing the work” is about understanding structural racism and analyzing the systems we work and live in to look for the characteristic of structural racism.  It also entails developing the willingness to continuously evaluate our own actions and seeing that they align with our intents, e.g.: “I don’t intend to take advantage of my white privilege, but I don’t address it or attempt to change it when I identify it.”  It also means dedicating ourselves to being in authentic relationships with people of different races and ethnicities.

The following are a few things to keep in mind in doing our personal work:

  • A willingness to ask questions and face the answers;
  • A willingness to be uncomfortable yet stay focused;
  • An understanding of the importance of aligning our impact with our intent (walking the walk);
  • An awareness of the possible consequences and risks of the journey;
  • A commitment to remain on the journey and intentionally and consistently act to address racial inequities
Unfair Campaign Year In Review

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